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About ElJay

ElJay is a LiveJournal client for Android, allowing you to post entries to the LiveJournal online journal service. To create an account, visit www.livejournal.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LiveJournal / How do I log in?

LiveJournal is an online blogging service, available at
http://www.livejournal.com. To be able to log in to the
service, you must create an account at their site. They have many different packages available,
starting at free, and the maximum amount is still really inexpensive.

I don’t use LiveJournal, but the blog site uses the same code as LJ. Can I use ElJay?

For many services, yes. ElJay now supports some of the top blogging services built on the
same foundation as LiveJournal, including Dreamwidth, InsaneJournal, and DeadJournal. Note
that not all features are available for every site. To change the service you’re logging
into, select Settings, scroll to the button, and select the Server preference to change
your server.

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