Development on Mobile Platforms

The fastest growing segment of internet connected devices and software development are the new full-featured smartphones powered by Apple, Google, HTC, Samsung, and Microsoft. Using these high-powered smartphones, you can provide rich web applications similar to what you can deliver on a desktop, or you can provide an installable application for use on the phone and over the phone provider’s network.

We can provide:

Google Android Application Development

The Android OS provides full network connectivity, many input options, and a standards compliant development system based on the Java programming language. Your application can support audio, high resolution graphics, touch-based user interaction, internet connectivity, GPS integration, and more.

Mobile-Focused Web Development

Rich web browsers for modern phones allow you to reach many different devices with a single set of code. While they require an internet connection, they provide rich linking with the mobile OS, and a unified interface to your application. With a web application, you can reach not only the iPhone and Android-based phones, but Windows Phone, Blackberry, or other major operating systems with a single application.